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Punch & Cookies Tutorial

This tutorial is a supplement to the 
Not every step included in the pattern is shown.

Cutting Directions:
Step 2
With the fabric folded cut the center skirt WOF X by the measurement in the pattern. The width of the fabric - 44" is not wide enough to make a nice full skirt on our apron. A center seam is not pretty so we will trim this piece to 30" wide and then add two side skirt pieces.

Now open the fabric and refold the selvage over as shown to fit the bib pattern.

Pin the pattern in place and measure down from the bottom as indicated on the pattern.

Draw a line across the fabric.

Cut out the bib.

From the fabric you have left you will need to cut two side skirt pieces the length indicated in the pattern. Depending on how wide your fabric is your pieces will be 14"-16" wide. The inch or two won't make a significant difference in the fullness of your skirt.

Cut off the selvage edges.

Now you have three skirt pieces, like these:

Step 2
From the accent fabric cut the pieces listed in the pattern.

If your fabric has a large design that repeats you will want to center it on the color band. You can see in the next picture that the color band was folded on the center of the design. The ends were then trimmed to measure even with the apron bib.

The front facing should also be centered on the design if your fabric requires it.

Construction Directions:

Step 1
When sewing ties a few simple steps will make the square corners turn better and look better.
Sew toward the corners with a normal stitch length - 2.5. Stop within ½" of the corner and shorten the stitch length to 1.5. 

Sew almost to the corner stop pivot 45⁰ and sew 2-3 small stitches across the corner.

 Stop with the needle down, complete the pivot and continue sewing another ½". 

Return the stitch length to a normal 2.5. Repeat for each corner. 

Trim close to the stitching as shown. The tight short stitches allow you to trim closer than you might with longer stitches.

Sewing across the corner and trim closely will allow more room for turning the fabric and will actually result in a sharper, flatter corner. 

Perfect Corners!

Step 2

Pin the skirt sides to the center skirt and sew together as shown.

Step 4

After the color band is added to the bib and skirt seam, press up toward the bib and pin in place like this:

Step 5

Don't skip the stay stitching when hemming the sides of the apron. The stitching helps stabilize the curved edges so then will press flat and not wavy like cheap ready-mades.  Stitch 3/8" from the raw edge. Press under using the stitching as a guide. Then press under another 3/8".

Step 6

Pin the raw edges of the neck straps in place on the wrong side of bib with the ties hanging down the apron.

Pin the neck facing over the straps with the fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN. This will mean the bib and facing are WRONG SIDE to RIGHT SIDE. Stitch through all layers along the top of the bib.

Turn the facing to the front of the bib and press the seam. Trim the sides of the facing at the same angle as the bib leaving ⅜" to turn under. Pin the facing in place turning under the sides and tucking in the seam allowance as needed. Topstitch in place around all sides of the facing.

Use a slight longer stitch (3.0) when topstitching for a better look.

Step 7

Pin the raw edges of the tie ends even with the side of the apron on the WRONG SIDE. Stitch across the end of the tie ⅜" from the apron side. Try to stitch over the hem stitching.

Press the tie forward to cover the raw end. 

From the front side go across the tie again stitching close to the apron edge through all layers. 

This makes a very strong tie that will not pull out with everyday use.

And it looks great from the back as well.

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  1. wonderfully clear instructions!! Thank you so much!! Cyndie Kamal