Friday, May 18, 2012

Bloomin' Fun!

Need a great fabric flower to add some punch to your project?
This could be just the embellishment your were looking for.
Easy and lots of sass!

Don't you think she is the finishing touch to this Punch & Cookies Apron?

So let's get going . . .
You will need:

  •  About 5" of fabric - 5" X 44"
  • The scallop pattern from Punch & Cookies (or make your own)
  • A sheet of blank paper & pencil
  • A fabric marker or pencil
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Glue Gun

Start by trimming your fabric to 5" X 44"
(I know! This is not the fabric used for the flower on Punch & Cookies. This is leftover "DEMO" fabric.)
Remove the selvages.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and iron.

Trace the scallops from  the template provided in the Punch & Cookies pattern onto a blank sheet of paper and cut out the curved edge.
(If you are making your own the scallops are 2 1/2" wide.)

Position the scallops along the RAW edges of the fabric and trace the curves with a fabric pen or pencil. I like to use my 'heat sensitive' Pilot FRIXION pen. It makes a nice visible black line and it disappears when you touch it with an iron. Find them at your local quilt store or office supply store. They are inexpensive & come in black, red & blue.

Re-position the template to mark the whole strip.

WAIT! Before you cut out the scallops sew a row of gathering threads close to the folded edge of your strip. If you already cut out your scallops, NO BIGGIE. I just wait because it means I won't be handling and fraying the raw edges any more than necessary.

On one end measure back 6" and mark a line half the width of the strip -- That's at 1 1/14" if you don't want to calculate.

Like so --

Trim away the RAW edge NOT the FOLDED edge.

Pull out the gathering threads from this tail & tie a knot in this end to make the CENTER of your flower.

Now you can cut out the scallops.

Go to the sewing machine and sew along the scallops about 1/4" from the edge. Use a contrasting thread so it will show up! Take your time. The secret to sewing curves is to go slow and steady. Stop often with your needle down and raise the presser foot to re-position the fabric.

I can still see some of my black pen marks. Can't you?

Not to worry! Touch them with the warm iron . . . 

And they are GONE-ZO!!

Pull up the gathering threads.

Get the glue gun ready. Start by wrapping around the knot with the tail to the back.

You can trim the tail to keep it out of your way.

Working with just an inch or so of glue at a time, work the gathers around the knot from the back or the flower. When you are finished it will look something like this . . .

Not so pretty! Not to worry!
Cut a circle of fabric a little bigger than the messy stuff you want to cover.

Run a bead of glue around the edge of your 'cover up' and glue it in place.

To pin your flower to your darling apron you can use a big safety pin or a jewelry pin from your favorite craft store.

When you glue it to the back of your flower position it above the center of your flower. Look at the front of the flower and decide which way is up. Put the pin on the up side so the weight of the flower won't make it sag when you pin it on.

Voila!! The finishing touch for your project!!!!

They are so cute you may want to make a bouquet by tying the knot at the beginning around a long-stemmed stick. Put them on a wreath or in a child's hair. Hmmmm. . . . just let your imagination run wild.

Here's the inspiration for this great flower. Check out this clever crafter and her Long-Stemmed Bouquet.


  1. Are you marking the scallop on the wrong side? I read your instructions to cut the scallop before you sew.I know that can't be right. Do you seam the new raw edge where you trimmed for the knot?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Phyllis, Please go back and look carefully again. The scallop template is traced onto a long narrow piece of fabric that is folded in half lengthwise with the wrong side in. The scallops are cut on the raw edge before the stitching is sewn about a 1/4" from the raw edge and left raw. Yes, this is right. Look carefully at the pictures. The trimmed piece for the knot is left raw and un-seamed -- just tied in a knot. This is not a flower you would probably wash. It's charm is the raw edges. It is pinned on so that it can be removed for washing. If you need to see another iteration to believe it check out the link for the Long-Stemmed Bouquet at the end of the tutorial. The instructions are right. This flower has been made a zillion times by others. I have sold hundreds of the apron pattern it comes from.
    Good luck. I hope you can make it work - it is a really fun flower. :)

  4. I finished my apron, I love it! Your pattern and tutorial was great and I am super happy!

  5. I sewed the stitching line on first before cutting out the scallops. "Sew" much easier!

    1. Patricia - You are right! I have done it that way several times since this tutorial was published. I also like the scallops cut out with pinking shears, It gives a fun texture with hardly any fraying. :)