Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Apple & Batiks

My bags are packed ! I'm ready to go . . . Leavin' on a jet plane . . .

Oh yeah, I forgot. Many of you weren't even born when Peter, Paul and Mary were singing that song.

But tomorrow morning we're off to New Jersey on a jet plane . . .

Not just my hubby and me but all of our 5 grown up children and three of their spouses.
 ( We'll be seriously missing the other two spouses who can't be with us.)

What you might ask is the occasion?

My middle son got married recently (at last). Isn't she beautiful?

It was an amazing destination wedding. This weekend is the family celebration with Ana's mother & sisters.

So what does all of this have to do with SEWING??
There is a connection, you can be sure.

I have promised Ana a quilt. One that is reminiscent of their wedding in Bali.
What would that be? BATIKS, of course.

The quilt is in process and a few blocks are going with me to New Jersey for a preview.

Would you like a sneak peak???

Of course you would. Take a look at these -

Aren't those Batiks Yummy!!??
They look even better set together 'on point.' Here they are waiting on my design wall.

You may be interested to know that these 'fans' are not appliqued. They are pieced with a very COOL technique that is EASY PEASY! See the back of this one.

Stay tuned. I think I feel a pattern coming on!! Maybe one called Bali Batik Fans.
 How do you like it?? What do you think?? Got a name suggestion?

In the meantime, Big Apple Here We COME!

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