Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scallops are a Snap!

The focus feature of the Apple Pie Apron is the scallops at the neck line and top of the pockets.

These are not SCARY Scallops . . . these Scallops are a SNAP!
Just watch . . .

Oh yes, one note the photos are from two different Aprons. Don't let that confuse you. I just picked the best from two sets.

First trace the scallop patterns onto the rectangles of interfacing cut according to the pattern instructions.

Make sure you trace the sewing line and cutting line. If you are using fusible interfacing, trace on the GLUE side. Fusible bumps up. :)

Lay the interfacing on the right side of the fabric

Then starting on one side of the scallop stitch around the bottom stitching line only.

Now trim to within 1/8" of where you just stitched and cut out the rest of the scallop along the cutting lines. Do a little clip into the corners of the scallop taking care not to get too close to your stitching threads.

The trimmed scallop should look something like this.

Now turn the scallop inside out and press.

If you are using fusible interfacing the adhesive will fuse to the inside and help keep the fabric turned neatly to  back side of the scallop.

Place the scallop face side down on the back side of the apron bib or pocket. That would be right side of scallop to the wrong side of the apron or pocket. Pin and stitch around the neck edge with a 1/2" seam allowance.

 Pin the pocket scallop to the top of the pocket in the same way. Stitch.

Clip the curves and turn to the scallop to the front of the Apron or Pocket.

Press the neck edge or pocket edge so that the scallop fabric is rolled slightly to the backside.

Pin the scallop in place on the front and sew very close to the edge to top stitch through all layers.

Tip: To top stitch close to the edge, move the needle position slightly to the left and align the center mark of the presser foot with the edge of the scallop. Sew slowly and raise the presser foot with the needle down to adjust when going around the curves.

Scallops are a Snap!! Wasn't that easy and they look so great!

Easy as Apple Pie Scallops!

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