Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year . . . Time to learn New Skills!

Announcing the Quilting Skill Builder Series at Just Sew in Highland, Utah.
Each time I teach this series it is so gratifying to see quilters grow in confidence as they learn and learn it RIGHT!

The 6 class series will begin on Wednesday, January 22. One class will go from 10 am to Noon and the second class from 7-9 pm. 

Hopefully offering a morning and evening class will accommodate most schedules.

In the 6 classes you will complete this table runner with the solid color of your choosing.

  The sign up is available in the store at Just Sew today. Below is the class description:

Skill Builder Series
All morning classes meet 10am – Noon
All Evening Classes meet 7-9 pm

#1 Precision Piecing                                       Wednesday    Jan 22
#2 Make Friends with Triangles                  Wednesday    Jan 29
#3 Happy to Applique by Machine             Wednesday    Feb 5
#4 Paper Piecing Primer                               Wednesday    Feb 12
#5 Curved Piecing                                          Wednesday    Feb 19
#6 Great Ending: Bindings                           Wednesday    March 12*

  Class fee: All 6 classes $75 +required kit

#1 Precision Piecing                                           1/22
Learn to cut and sew accurately with confidence.  Find your perfect ¼” and make those points match. Learn about how thread and needle choices make a difference. Among other things learn the finer points of pressing.

#2 Make Friends with Triangles                    1/29
Triangles are everywhere from flying geese, to stars and pinwheels. You can’t get away from them so make friends with them. Explore methods of cutting and sewing triangles accurately!!
#3 Happy to Applique by Machine                2/5
Raw edge or turned under- machine applique is here to stay! Never avoid applique again.  Learn to make your machine applique smooth and your stitches invisible!
#4 Paper Piecing Primer                                   2/12
Who was the crazy person that thought you could sew a block from the back side on paper??!! Have you had trouble seeing it in the past? Just can’t wrap your head around it? This class will clear it all up once and for all! With a few tips and tricks and a little practice you can do this and even learn to like it!
#5 Curved piecing                                               2/19
You have the basics down now – your ¼” is perfect, your points match and your triangles are ‘square.’ With a few tips and a little practice you can move to a new level.  Think piecing a curve is next to impossible? Think again. It’s really fool proof and easy with this innovative technique.
#6 Great Ending: Binding                                 3/12
Binding is the finishing touch for your work of art. Learn a great looking machine applied technique.

*The two week break between classes 5 & 6 will allow time to finish and quilt the table runner and prepare it for binding.

Happy New Year! Happy Quilting, Sewing and Smocking!

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