Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Announcing the Latest Arrival!


A new pattern has joined the Sew Much Good Family.

Her name is . . . .

Ms. Bindweed's Boots 

It's a good 'witch-y' name don't you think?

No more suspense.

                            Here she is . . .

                                             TA DA . . . . . . !!!

Ms. Bindweed is kicking up her heels at both ends of the table and she will make everyone smile come Halloween or even before!!

For now she's available over at my Etsy Store in paper or PDF Download.

Just Click HERE.

She was soo fun to create!

Go check her out.   I hope she's hanging out at your house soon!!!


  1. I purchased this pattern and I have been very disappointed in your instructions. Where do you tell us to cut the fabric down to 16.5 inches since the finished size is supposed to be 15.5 wide. On she shoe pattern you need to stat add 1/2 inch for seam allowance. I do not mind paying for a pattern, but I do expect that you have better instructions.

  2. I wish you had left your name or had emailed me so I could answer your concerns directly. The instructions are meant to be read step by step.

    First of all you will notice that the pattern instructs you to cut two 32" X WOF pieces that are sewn together to make one long 32" wide piece. This is then folded lengthwise sewn in a tube and turned to make the runner appox. 15" wide. The illustration in the pattern shows the measurements and how this is done.

    This makes a double layer runner that supports the hanging boots. A single layer cut down to 15" would not support the ruffles and boots and lay as flat.

    Second - Don't add seam allowances to the boots!!!! NO, NO, NO! That would make it WAY to hard!! And they would end up too big! The instructions clearly state and illustrate that they are traced onto the fabric, sewn on the lines with tight stitches and them cut out with a small allowance.

    I am guessing you find it hard to READ through instructions. When I have trouble understanding instructions I sometimes find it helpful to read them out loud. I am sorry you were confused about how this runner is made.

    I am only too happy to take constructive criticism and help anyone who contacts me. But please look carefully at the step by step. I think you will find it is all there.

    Good luck and Happy Sewing!

  3. We would love to carry your patterns in our store. How do we purchase for re-sale? Nancy (sewmanythingsle@yahoo.com)