Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day!!? Already???

Where did my the summer go? Well technically it's got another 3 weeks or so but you know what I mean.
So what has been going on with Sew Much Good in the last three month?

Lots, actually.

First I finished a quilt kit that I bought in . . . cough . . . cough. . . well, a while ago.
I bought it because I loved it the minute I saw it and I still love it!

It's now ready to take a place of honor in my sewing room.

Finishing this quilt was good on many levels. First it was one of those Unfinished Projects that is continually nagging. Done! No more nag! 

Then I really wanted it . . . not the kit in a box but the quilt. And now I have it!
It was my first actual quilt with needle-turn applique. I did it and I got better as I went along. Learn something. Honed a skill.

I still love colors after all these years. Very affirming. I'm glad I waited to finish it because the little paper template in the kit for the basket blades wasn't very accurate and now the Easy Dresden Ruler makes it a snap to get it right!

Kaylene Parry quilted it for me and I love what she did. You just gotta love the attention to detail that a good quilter gives.

I'm a big fan of quilted "feather" motifs.

Last, I love, love piping. Love it on smocked garments, collars, sleeve edges, button bands, pockets . . . everywhere . . . and quilt bindings!! Yay!

So much fun. This quilt just makes me feel good. Can you tell I am keeping it? It is actually the only finished quilt I own. All the quilts I have made have found homes with other people. Gifts of love. This is the one gift to me. :)

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