Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Silence is Broken . . .

This blog has been quiet for several months.
Lots of reasons but none worth going into detail about.
Just two 'foot notes.'

Alaskan Cruise

And Foot Surgery

A quiet blog DOES NOT mean no sewing, quilting or smocking.
On the contrary! There has been plenty of that.

Here are some pictures of recent projects.
The first is the smallest and took the longest!

This is grandson #11 - Mathew Barry modeling his Christening outfit.

That was ALL about LOVE!

This sweet dress is for one of my cousin's granddaughters. It was an auction item at the family reunion. The ruffles were lots of fun and the sash just makes me smile.
Watch for my ruffle tutorial in the next few weeks. I have a great new TRICK!

The last one speaks for itself. This was for Lucy Elizabeth. Her mother is a dear friend and after 3 boys, something special was in order for this darling baby girl.

First the dress - Washed silk Dupioni -- So soft, so classic.

The camera makes it look like shiny satin but real life was vintage silk!
Washing the Duponi was a new experience. It washed just fine. But ironing it was a project. 
It had to been ironed from damp to dry.

All good dresses need a slip.

Slip detail:

AND NOW . . . . 


Here's the darling mom and daughter. :)

Oh, Lucy! You are a princess!

See we may have been quiet but we have been busy!


  1. I loved the blessing gown! Can you tell me what pattern you used to create this beautiful dress , the slip, and the pattern for the smocking?

    1. BeckyB, It is not one pattern. The dress & sleeves are from two different patterns the smocking is adapted from a third pattern. The slip is created using the dress pattern. If you want to email me at sewmuchgood@gmail dot com I can give you more information.